May 28, 2015

Celtic Cross

By Ian O' Connor

The Irish Celtic Cross is a symbol of great significance in Ireland and other places outside of Ireland. The symbol is a reminder of all the mysteries that are associated with the dark age. The symbol’s significance cut across various faiths including paganism and so also does it popularity among these religious faiths.

It derives it name mainly due to the fact that it was first discovered in the Celtic island of Ireland. It has also been discovered in other Celtic lands such as Wales and the south western part of England. 

History of the Celtic Cross

Just like any other item, the Irish Celtic Cross has a history surrounding it existence. No one can say with authority when this symbol of the cross first came into being among the Celtics, but it is clear it might have originated from the Celtics culture of gathering and erecting stones for monumental purposes. It is equally of great importance to take note of the fact that the practice Christianity, so it is certain the cross was not designed based on the Christian cross of Jesus Christ. Suggestions from historians of Celtic origin say that the symbol must have been probably designed to stand for trees which the people have great respect for.

The coming of Christianity to the Celtics Island around the 5th century saw to the merging of the cross with that of the Christians by Christian missionaries. This was done in a b id to make their religion acceptable to the Celts. Folklore has it that it was St Patrick that made a new design of the celtic cross by merging the cross symbol used in Christianity with that of the sun, which was one of the most highly revered symbol of the Celts. But there is no facts that exist to prove that the folklore actually happened.

Categorization of the Irish Celtic Cross

The Irish Celtic Cross has been categorized into three which include the following in no significant order.

  1. Where it is used for ceremonies or used as ornaments, which can be traced back to about 800 years ago.
  2. Where it is on its own, which can traced backward to the 12th
  3. Where it is being used as an inscription on a grave or as a memorial, which is in use in very recent times.

Therefore, these are some of the facts associated with the Irish Celtic Cross.