Celtic Knot Meaning February 05 2020

Celtic Knot Meaning

The knots were first designed around the 3rd and 4th century AD. The knots are patterns that are designed in various shapes to depict or convey a particular meaning. The design of the knots was first was done through the use of plait workings. Celtic knots first came into existence around the 7th century and were first developed around the northern parts of Italy and the southern region of Gaul. Also it is believed that the designs might have originated from monks of Coptic origin who migrated from Egypt or Syria, from where they spread design patterns to England and Ireland.

People that are of Irish, Scottish and Welsh descend hold the Celtic knots in high esteem and are proud of the knots symbols or designs, since they are important and symbolic design patterns that depict their cultural heritage. But the question that still remained to be answered about the Celtic knots is whether they give any significant meaning that can be linked to their place of origin? Even though the origin of the Celtic knots is still under debate by some set of people, they still hold meanings that have been attached to them for more than a century and a half now.

The Celtic knots come in different designs and types which among others includes the “Celtic cross”, the “Dara knot” and, the “Triquetra”. The Celtic cross have significance and meaning to both pagans and the Christian church. The Christians view it as a symbol of the cross on which their savior died to bring them salvation, while the pagans see or view it as something that represent the confluence of their divine beliefs. The Dara knots are designed in such a way that they are believed to represent both the attributes of the human and that of the celestial. The Triquetra on the other hand is one of the most famous Celtic knots designs and it is designed in such a way that it depicts the trinity which Christians believe in, even though this believe of it representing the trinity has no verifiable history that can be linked to the history of the Christian church.

Celtic knots designs have various uses that range from being used for decoration in homes, places of religious worship, Jewelry and even on clothes. It usage therefore encompass a lot of things, depending on the choice of the user.