How to wear a Claddagh Ring August 02 2015

A Claddagh ring is a traditional Irish jewelry that is worn to signify different meanings. There are varied ways of how to wear a Claddagh ring. The Claddagh ring has three basic parts that bring different meanings depending on the side they face when worn. The three basic parts of the ring are;

The crown: Represents loyalty.
The heart: A representation of love.
The hands: Represent loyalty to a lover.

Wearing a Claddagh Ring

Wearing a claddagh ring on the ring finger of your left hand is an indicator that someone especially a girl is engaged. This was often the case with the traditional Irish societies and many other cultures in the modern world that still embrace the art of wearing rings. Wearing claddagh rings on the ring finger or the second last finger from the thumb on the left hand can also indicate engagement to a life partner somewhere.

The ring can still be worn on the left hand but with the heart facing the wrist.This possibly signifies that the wearer of the ring is permanently married to somebody and they are in a serious romantic relationship. It sends a message to outsiders that the heart of the ring bearer has already been captured and they should keep away from admiring or even seducing the ring wearer.

Also, it can still be worn on the second last finger with the heart facing out or the direction of the fingernails to show that one is looking for real love. This acts as an alert message to welcome any potential lover into their life and heart. Being on the right hand with the heart facing outside, a Claddagh ring may also send a message that the wearer is engaged but she is not fully taken or she has not made her final choice on who should be her lifetime partner.

To date, the claddagh rings remain one of the most crucial element and ornament in the Irish tradition. For that reason, a lot of emphases were and is still put on young girls and women on how to wear a claddagh ring properly to portray the designated message.

In addition, a Claddagh ring can be used as a romantic gift to show one's commitment to a relationship. Thus, it can be used as a good and appropriate gift to one's lover as a sign of hope and commitment to a relationship. And that is how to wear a Claddagh ring.