Ladies Silver Claddagh Ring

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Ladies Silver Claddagh Ring                        

The Claddagh rings originated in a small Irish fishing Village Claddagh, near Galway and the design dates back to the 17th Century. Today, Claddagh rings are also representatives of Irish Identity.

Claddagh Rings have, for centuries, been a symbol of love, loyalty and friendship. They have a distinctive design that features a heart held by a pair of hands topped by a crown. The heart is the symbol of love, the crown represents loyalty and the hands signify friendship or partnership. This distinctive design belongs to a group of European rings called the Fede Rings, that feature hands in their designs. The Fede rings have been in existence since the Roman times, when clasped or joined hands were included in the designs for engagement rings to represent a vow or a promise. Claddagh Rings takes the promise a bit further by including symbols of love and loyalty to it.

Our ladies Silver Claddagh Ring is made with 100% sterling silver. They are available in Sizes 4 – 10 ( H - T US Sizes ), including half sizes. 

The ring is a promise of love, loyalty and companionship. What more beautiful way to demonstrate your commitment to a relationship and proclaim your Irish heritage than by sealing your love with a beautiful Ladies Silver Claddagh Ring.