Mens Silver Claddagh Ring

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Original mens silver Claddagh ring made indigenously by the famed artisans of Claddagh, an area close to the heart of Galway city. This region is also well known for the Galway Bay and it has been the home to some of the most exceptional jewelers of the 17th and 18th century. Instantly recognizable as the Claddagh ring, it is decorated with an encrusted crown over the heart helded between two clasped hands -  symbol of pledging vows in medieval times. Ideal for marriages, engagement ceremonies or even as a gift to someone closest to one’s heart, this ring has a rich tradition and history that signifies the power of love and marriage.

Folklore has it that the ring’s unique design was crafted by Richard Joyce who at the time was enslaved for well over 14 years until King William III finally arranged a release for all slaves in the region that we now come to call Algeria. Richard brought home this ring and promptly married his sweetheart in Galway going on to becoming a renowned jeweler and loving husband. The mens silver Claddagh ring ever since has been regarded as a sign of one’s belonging to the Galway community and exclusivity to one’s beloved. Open now to the entire world, the original mens silver Claddagh ring pictured here is made exclusively by jewelers from Galway who have learnt and perfected the art of making Claddagh rings passed down through generations.

Made from 100% sterling silver, available in multiple mens UK sizes ranging from 8 to 13.5 inches the mens silver Claddagh ring is an exact reincarnation of the original Claddagh design conjured by the magnificent master jeweler of Galway, Richard Joyce.