Jewelry Care

General Jewelry Care Tips

  • All Jewelry should be stored in a clean dry place.
  • A good quality jewelry box is usually recommended.
  • We also recommend keeping jewelry away from direct sunlight.

Items should be stored individually either in satin pouches, boxes or in a drawer. When jewelry is bunched together with multiple other pieces it can get scratched, chipped or broken.

Always remove jewelry when showering, cleaning, washing hands or any other activity that requires water or chemicals. Substances such as Chlorine and Bleach are notorious for discoloring and possibly eroding jewelry. Also wait until perfume has dried on the skin before wearing jewelry as perfume can also when wet discolor jewelry.


We recommend storing gold in a satin or velvet lined jewelry boxes. To clean gold you should use warm water, detergent free soap or you can also use one of the many gold cleaning products on the market.

It is extremely important to remove gold before swimming as Chlorine erodes this precious metal. Household cleaning products and chemicals will also discolor the metal.

If you prefer the hassle free option you can use any reputable jeweler to clean your jewelry.

Sterling Silver

In its purest form silver is extremely soft and basically useless in jewelry making. Sterling Silver is 92.5 % silver and 7.5 % copper or another alloy which gives it its strength and durability allowing it to be used for Jewelry making. Silver reacts slowly with gases in the air  and naturally gets darker overtime.

When it comes to cleaning silver you basically have two options.

  • Leave it alone. Sterling silver when worn regularly can develop a natural looking patina which adds a timeless and vintage look to any piece near impossible to achieve with newly bought jewelry.
  • If you like your Silver shiny and new looking there are many easy to use products on the market. An old wives tale is to use toothpaste but we do NOT recommend this as it can scratch the silver.


Known as one of the Earths strongest substances these beautiful stones can still be damaged, chipped or dulled if not treated properly.

A few simple precautions can prevent damage to your Diamond piece.

When doing manual work of any kind remove your jewelry as it can get scratched or chipped. Harsh chemicals such as bleach or chlorine will discolor the mounting so do not go swimming or clean while wearing any jewelry.

To clean simply immerse the piece into a bowl of warm water and a mild detergent. Brush gently and rinse under warm running water. Make sure you don't let it fall down the drain !!!

If you want peace of mind and less hassle you can use a reputable Jeweler to clean the piece.