Ladies Heavy Oval Family Crest Ring | Clan Ring

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Heraldry is one of the ancient arts that are concerned with the study, regulation and the design of armory or the armorial bearings. In simple terms, it implies the design and the use of the coat of arms. Factually, as aforementioned, this is one of the oldest arts that came into practice at around 900 years ago when nobody could read or write. Normally during battles or tournaments in the ancient times, the knights needed to distinguish themselves as stronger as opposed to their opponents.

Later in 1400 A.D, the art became a requirement for use in sports and tournaments. That is to say, if you needed to participate or to take part in tournaments activities, you had to identify yourself by the coat of arms that also served to mark ones social stand.

Heraldic design started from a simple art but as it got into one generation to another, it has been improvised and now, the coat of arms is an emblem for every state. 

  • 11.1mm x 15.2mm
  • Available in Sterling Silver, Silver and 10K Gold Mix, 10K Gold, 14K Gold.
  • Available in sizes 4(H) - (R)
  • Made in Ireland
  • Free Shipping
  • Made to Order (4-6 weeks)


Due to the 1000's of names available in our Clan range it is not possible too display all the names. Before we begin making your ring we will send you a copy of your family crest to confirm it is correct. Please contact our customer service department should you have any further questions.