Mens Gold Claddagh Ring | 10CT Heavy Gold Ring

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Mens Gold Claddagh Ring

Looking for engagement or wedding ring for your man? Even though you went around a lot still unable to find any ring that perfectly matches with his style? This Gold Claddagh Ring is probably what you are looking for.

Men’s particular, symbol of lasting love, ever increasing friendship and emblem of loyalty, this Mens Gold Claddagh Ring is of Irish Origin. Traditionally and beautifully designed, this Gold ring would best serve the purpose even if you just want to give it as a gift to your boy-friend.

Being a man, choosing the right ring for you becomes even more difficult. You would probably look for a ring that has style, boosts you self-esteem and speaks for you. This would be best choice if you are looking for such a thing.

What makes it special?

  • It is made from 10 Carats of Gold
  • It is available in standard sizes 4-14 including half sizes (H-Z3 US)
  • It is heavier and thicker than the most claddagh rings
  • It is made in Ireland

Particular connotations are attached with the way the ring is worn. For example wearing in the right hand, with the heart facing outwards would indicate you not being in a serious relationship and with heart inwards would indicate you involved with someone.

May it be chosen for wedding or engagement or merely as a gift, this Gold ring is perfect to convey the message of love, friendship and loyalty in a traditional Irish way. If you are a man, to wear this ring would convey your style and make you stand out among all others. Moreover, it is the easiest way to let others know if you are in a relationship with someone or not without uttering a word.