Shamrock Ring | Connemara Marble | Made In Ireland

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The beauty of Ireland has been encapsulated into this iconic Shamrock Ring, embedded with beautiful Connemara Marble which is only found in Ireland. This elegant yet brilliant ring will be sure to draw the luck of the Irish upon any who wear it. And maybe you might just get lucky enough to find out what really is at the end of the rainbow.

Straight from the beautiful Emerald Isle, Connemara Marble is a stone rich in history and color. Its deep green coloring reflects the beautiful green found all over this wonderful country. Connemara Marble has a rich history ever since ancient days from long ago when it was used as a decorative facing stone. It also boasts “forty shades of green” for its ever swirling and wispy green coloring in the marble that reflects the gorgeous landscape of its home country, Ireland.

The centerpiece of this ring is the Shamrock, a symbol of luck and good fortune from the Irish, embedded with Marcasite. The stones set in the Shamrock glisten like the sea when the sun strikes it just right, and the stones surrounding the Connemara Marble encompass and frame this stunning piece of jewelry with class. The ring itself is crafted from sterling silver and is rich in quality and sheen.

Show your Irish pride with this quintessentially Irish ring. Or wear it in hopes to increase your luck. Whatever the reason, we know you will enjoy this splendid reflection of the beauty of Ireland whenever you wear it.